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AstroMagnetic Systems specialise in exploiting terrestrial High Temperature Superconductor Magnet technology for in-space applications.

Superconductor electromagnets produce extremely high magnetic fields – well in excess of what is possible with permanent magnets and conventional copper electromagnets. An important terrestrial application of HTS magnet technology has been for plasma confinement in the nuclear fusion industry. Historically, these superconductors required extremely low temperatures and complex thermal management systems to maintain a superconducting state.


Recent advancements in materials technology have allowed for higher operating temperatures and less complex thermal management systems - HTS magnet technology has reached a point where it is ready to be introduced into the space industry. AstroMagnetic Systems are developing the necessary system technologies and system operational knowledge to exploit HTS magnets in the challenging environment of space.

The use of superconducting electromagnets overcomes barriers to the scaleup of established space technology products in the field of propulsion and attitude control, as well as unlocking potential new, unique applications.

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