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AMS and University of Strathclyde 's Applied Superconductivity Laboratory sign MoU

AstroMagnetic Systems and University of Strathclyde 's Applied Superconductivity Laboratory, leading research group in the UK exploring the energy and power applications of superconductivity and cryogenics, have today (14 May, 2024) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on developing, testing and ultimately flying a space rated superconducting magnet systems designed specifically for operation in Earth orbit.


AMS will be seeking to use the collaboration to access current expertise in the simulation, design, manufacture and test of HTS magnets and associated power converters in a laboratory context; then codevelop and further this expertise to meet the unique operational requirements of the space environment.


UoS-ASL will be seeking to use the collaboration to highlight its capabilities in superconducting magnet design to the fast growing UK space sector, and move towards the opportunity to fly its research into orbit this decade.

Dr Adam Baker, AstroMagnetic systems’ CEO, commented ‘We are very fortunate to benefit from knowledge transfer support from Prof’s Yuan and Zhang at Strathclyde, and are excited to work with their academic team to bring their world class magnet technology into the space sector to enable a range of innovative applications’


Professor Weijia Yuan, Professor and Co-Founder of UoS-ASL, said ‘The Applied Superconductivity Laboratory, carrying out the highest quality of research in superconducting magnets, are pleased that AstroMagnetics have partnered with us for a unique space magnet development, and we look forward to collaborate with them to fly an all-UK experiment into space in the next few years’


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