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IAC 2022 - Papers Presented

Electric space propulsion using HTS magnets

An enabling benefit of superconducting magnets is their ability to confine and focus high plasma densities. Pulsed power electric propulsion concepts for example the Magdrive, can benefit from high field strength superconducting electromagnets.

The paper discusses system engineering efforts addressing the thermal management and power supply challenges faced when integrating superconducting electromagnet, power supply and coolers into a spacecraft.

Power systems challenges of HTS magnets in space

This paper has introduced the phenomenon of superconductivity, in particular modern high temperature superconductor or HTS materials, along with some examples. HTS components and in particular HTS electromagnets have significant potential to benefit a wide range of space applications from exploration to active debris removal in Earth orbit.

The challenges to the required system engineering, including meeting thermomechanical requirements, are discussed, along with Rocket Engineering’s work with Tokamak Energy to address these, and their future roadmap to bring them to successful use in space applications.

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